103161 – Café Style Chai Latte

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A CUP OF CAFÉ CULTURE AT HOME… We’ve bent over backwards to perfect this harmonising balance of special warming spices including cinnamon and cloves, blended with black tea and milk. Take a sip of our Avalanche Chai Latte and transform your standard drinks break into a little zen moment.

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Don’t let life stretch you further than you can go; this warming infusion of flavours will create a sense of well being from head to toe.



Make it hot: Empty the contents of an Avalanche Café Style stick into your favourite mug. Pour in 150mL of hot (not boiling) water and stir well. ENJOY!




Box of 10 sachets


Sugar, Milk Solids, Glucose Syrup, Coconut Oil, Instant Coffee (5%), Black Tea Extract (1.7%), Salt, Flavour, Stabiliser (340), Emulsifier (433, 471), Anti-Caking Agent (551), Colour (160a).


Store in a cool dry place.

For your safety

Contains Milk. May contain traces of soy.