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  • Flat White

    101904 – 99% Sugar free Café Style Flat White

    $ 5

    IT’S ALL ABOUT BALANCE… Enjoy your favourite café style coffee without the queue with our Avalanche Flat White. A flavourful coffee hit blended with just the right amount of milk; steal a moment to recharge with this iconic Kiwi favourite. It’s the perfect balancing act; all the flavour of your favourite coffee, but 100% guilt free.

  • Flat White

    103112 – Café Style Flat White

    $ 4

    Why step out, when you can treat yourself to an entire menus of delicious, authentic, café style drinks in the comfort of your own kitchen. Find a flavour to match your mood! Our other varieties include Caramel Latte, Cappuccino, Mochaccino and Vanilla Latte.